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Music and Divine Presence

May 31, 7:30 -9:00 pm

The Reverend John Baker and Margie Baker

We all know something about the power of music in our lives.  Music can move us and engage us at the “heart” level in a way that nothing else can.   Music has the ability to transform our moments, and indeed, our lives.  The earliest words of Hebrew scripture are ancient songs whose power shaped the culture of a people and expressed their deep longing for participation with God.  Music has often been at the center of the spiritual life. During this event, we will experience the connection between music and the spirit, music and our hearts, music and our souls.  We will hear music performed, and we will participate in music through simple chants designed to help us explore music’s ability to build community.  Join us for fun and spiritual refreshment with Music and the Divine Presence.

John Baker, rector of St. Aidan’s, has more than thirty years’ experience leading congregational music, retreats, and spiritual gatherings with song and chant. He uses traditional and contemporary music, as well as original compositions, to include the gathered community in the experience of making music.

Margie Baker is a cellist who taught orchestra and choral singing in the Early College Program at Guilford College for ten years before entering seminary in the Fall of 2016. Margie has planned and led music for church and youth retreats over the years and she continues to explore new musical possibilities for use in liturgy and spiritual practice.