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Vestry members are elected to serve a three year term.  They establish the budget and oversee all financial and property concerns as well as providing leadership in the various ministries of the church. Our Vestry members are: 

Our Senior Warden is Elizabeth Drembus

Bonnie Brynczak,

junior Warden

Peg Bartel


Mason Smith


Kevin Saunders

Holly Ferry

Christina Ed


The Reverend John Baker has served St. Aidan's as Rector since 1999.  John found his calling in seminary when he served a parish that welcomed skeptics and doubters into the congregation--not to change their beliefs, but trusting that in community and through engagement with the liturgy and rich tradition of the Church, people would find their own way with God.  John has worked over the years to extend that same welcome to anyone who approaches the church wondering what it might have to offer. He celebrates the stories of those who have entered the Church through that wide door and who have found their lives grounded in the community and in the greater reality many of us call God.

Our Parish Administrator, Eileen Byrne-Myers, has kept the front office at St. Aidan's running smoothly for five years.  She manages the office, schedules building use, creates bulletins and newsletters, coordinates many of our volunteers and provides support for seasonal community events like Oktoberfest and the annual tree sale.  Eileen can be reached by emailing St. Aidan's or by phone during regular office hours.  

In addition to her role on staff, Eileen and her family are members of the parish.

Pat Petteway has been involved in the local music community for many years.  She is our organist and she plays piano and sometimes guitar for our morning services. and leads our choir for the morning services.  She also organizes a children's choir.