Securing the Future

We all give and work and support St. Aidan’s, and our ongoing support of the day-to day business of this vibrant parish makes our life and ministry here possible.  We also rely on the solid foundation built by earlier members of St. Aidan’s, those who experienced God in this community and found their lives enriched and who worked to secure the future of this parish for people they would never see.  In this campaign we join those whose vision made our life and worship here possible as we give to secure the future for another generation.


Our Securing the Future Campaign will strengthen the foundation of St. Aidan’s by equipping our music program with instruments, a piano and organ, which will serve for many years to come. This campaign will strengthen our foundation by providing for needed repairs and upgrades to our physical plant.  And it will strengthen our foundation by paying off what is still owed on the major renovations of 2012, freeing up funds for programs to serve the community around us and build up the community that is St. Aidan’s.   

Many of us have already pledged to this campaign.  We invite you to join the many families and individuals who continue to ensure the future of St. Aidan's.  Together we make a real difference in the lives of other just like us who come looking for a community where they can serve, grow, and deepen their relationship with God. 

A Welcoming Church Home



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