Stewardship of Time and Talent

One of the areas we will address in the Securing the Future campaign will involve cleaning and painting and renovation in the parish hall and it the church.  Some of the work will need to handled by professionals, and some can be done by parishioners or groups organized by our property volunteers.  We have closets that need cleaning, shelves to be installed, painting, minor repairs, organizing, coming up with storage solutions, moving furniture, filling the dumpster, sorting out, caring for the choir room, the room across from Eileen's office, the list goes on and on.  

If you have time and skills to share or would like to be a part of a group project to help Secure the Future of our facilities, you can make an important contribution to this campaign.  

If you would like to offer time and talent, please let us know.  Send Eileen an email and she will connect you with those who take up the planning of the projects described her and more we will surely discover. 



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