Beginnings and Mission

St. Aidan's began as a mission of St. Luke's Church in 1963 as this part of the county was experiencing rapid growth. Young families with children were moving to the area and soon St. Aidan's was a growing parish with a pre-school serving children from 3 years old through kindergarten.  Members of St. Aidan's had a part in helping to start many of the non-profits along Route One that have been working to help the homeless and poor for the last fifty years.  During the Poor People's March on Washington in the 1960s, marchers camped on the lawn of St. Aidan's.  A theme running through our history has been a desire to serve the community around us and to use what resources we have to help make the world a little better.  That theme continues in our outreach, which includes most of what we do.  Our work in the world includes the Day School and our Center for Spiritual Deepening, direct support of nonprofits in the area through financial contributions and volunteer participation.  Our outreach also includes the way the St. Aidan's property has become a community center, hosting Boy Scouts, community action groups, and meetings for non-profit groups working in the area.  

Our Inviting Property

St. Aidan's is located on eight acres of park-like woods and green spaces.  We have a memorial garden where ashes can be interred and where benches, trees, and flowering bushes create a welcoming setting for meditation, reflection, and conversation.  Located near the memorial garden is an outdoor labyrinth modeled after the one at Chartres cathedral in France.  Our labyrinth is used by parishioners and others in the neighborhood who find walking the path helps them center and quiet their busy minds.   During the growing season St. Aidan's offers garden plots to parishioners and neighborhood families.  Anyone can contact the church office to be added to a list for available garden plots, which are available in the spring.