Securing the Future

Be Grateful, Be Giving, Be Grounded in Gratitude

St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church 2019 Capital Campaign FAQs

Securing the Future


Be Grateful for what is offered in the three services that allows us each to be who we are in sacred space, for prayer times, for the Center for Spiritual Deepening which is not only our privilege but reaches to the wider community.


Be Giving in time and talent to sustain those who guide us, grounding each of us with the promise of our visions of unity when we volunteer for committees, work days, when giving to outreach, when attending social gatherings and being contributors to important Church meetings.


Be Grounded in Gratitude in whatever you can pledge so we are able to continue liturgical services, education programs, building maintenance, have new music instruments, provide debt relief, and address financial obligations with peace of mind that Your Gift Matters.

 Q: Why are we doing this Campaign now and how much are we trying to raise?

A: St. Aidan’s has grown since the last Capital Campaign in 2011.  The Narthex area was extensively remodeled with a new classroom attached as well as new siding, roof and choir area in the worship space.  These changes provided more room and secured the integrity of the worship space.  Since 2011, the church continues to carry some debt and other larger infrastructure needs have arisen.  This Capital Campaign addresses the debt as well as other critical needs including: the organ, grand piano, resurfacing the parking lot and stabilizing support beam(s).     Our goal for the campaign is $500,000, and our stretch goal is $550,000.


Q:  What all needs to be fixed or replaced? 

A:  The Vestry has an extensive “wish list” of things to replace or repair.  Items include replacing the organ and the piano; repairing or replacing the support beam outside the Narthex; resealing the parking lot; replacing the Celtic cross; cleaning out and painting throughout the Parish Hall including offices,  meeting rooms, closets, etc.  (For a complete list please see a member of the Campaign Committee). Some can be completed by volunteer labor but others will require outside contractors to complete.  


Q: Why does all of this need to be done?  Why hasn’t it been taken care of already?

A: Our operating budget is usually a very bare-bones budget.  We, like most churches our size, manage to pay the day-to-day expenses of running the parish, and from time to time look around at building and property needs and launch a campaign like the one you are hearing about now to address those needs.  


Q: Is this really what we should be focusing our money/resources/time on when there are outreach issues that are so pressing in our community?

A: The Vestry realizes that outreach and community service have always been at the heart of St. Aidan’s mission, and they will continue to be so.  In the 2019 budget the Vestry increased the outreach budget and our contributions to the Diocese. This campaign is aimed at strengthening our physical plant and our ability to gather and worship.  While it doesn’t directly cover outreach and mission giving, paying off our building debt would free up $20,000 in interest expenses which currently come out of our operating budget.  That could more than double our outreach giving.


Q. How is a Capital Campaign different from the stewardship pledge we just made?  

A. A Capital Campaign addresses funding for property building, renovation, and sometimes maintenance that falls outside the normal operating budget constraints.   The yearly stewardship campaign funds normal yearly operating costs such as salaries, cleaning, lights, insurance, mowing, etc.  A Capital Campaign funds facilities and fixtures, like buildings and our organ and other expensive items that last for decades and serve not only our community, but the next generation of St. Aidanites.

Q: What is the Campaign Timeline?  How long will I have to meet my pledge?  

A: We kickoff the Capital Campaign on February 3rd with a three month pledge period. The campaign is designed for pledges to be paid over 5 years.  However, pledges can be paid up front, annually, quarterly or monthly.  Parishioners can add to their pledge over that time as well.


Q. How do I make my pledge? 

A:  We have pledge cards available as well as an online option to pledge.  


Q:  Will my pledge to the capital campaign be confidential? 

A:  Absolutely – just as it is with stewardship pledges.


Q. What if I can’t give very much since I just pledged to the Stewardship Campaign?

A:  Every donation toward the Capital Campaign helps and is accepted as a commitment to sustaining St. Aidan’s into the future.  Your gift matters. The Campaign lasts for 5 years and you can add to your pledge at any time.


Q:  Can you tell me more about the volunteer part of the Capital Campaign?  How will it work?  Who will coordinate it?

A: A portion of the funds raised by the Campaign will go towards hiring professional contractors to address the more complicated repair work. However, there are smaller repairs and issues identified by parishioners that can be completed by volunteers who have skills to fix, clean, and organize.  Think of it as the Church’s much-needed spring cleaning.  Some of the tasks may only require a handful of people and a few hours of time.  Other tasks are more complicated and may need more people or skills and take a bit longer time.  There will be something for everyone at any age and skill level.  These tasks will be listed on the website, e-newsletters, and social media platforms throughout the coming years.  Each task will need a coordinator who will then recruit and organize volunteers.  Tasks that already been identified include:  cleaning out and organizing closets in the Parish Hall, dusting all the chairs in the Sanctuary, designing a landscape plan for our grounds, and upgrading the parish hall bathrooms and fixing shelves and walls in closets.    


Q: Who to contact with additional Campaign questions?

A:  Our Campaign Co-Chairs are Jonathan Phinney and Elizabeth Drembus.  Their contact information is listed below.

Jonathan Phinney                           703-593-0970

Elizabeth Drembus                        703-360-6239



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