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The Discernment Committee

In the past, this committee would have been known as a Search Committee.  So why is it called a Discernment Committee and not a Search Committee? The process of discernment is a prayerful and intentional attempt to sort out and distinguish God’s Spirit at work in a situation and to develop a sense of the direction in which the Spirit is leading. It is an act of spiritual formation and one that we practice faithfully. The Committee will discern where the parish has been, where it is today, and where God is calling St. Aidan’s to be in the future. 


With instructions from our transition minister, Sarah Brockenbrough, and guidance from Rosemary, the vestry met and prayed, and the following people answered the invitation to serve on the Discernment Committee:


Darlene Ash

Pris Bornmann 

Viju Dilley

Mary Jane Guffey

Lisa Richard, chair

Kevin Saunders

Kathy Seikel

Barbara Cotter, alternate

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