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Stewardship 2023


St. Aidan's is a vibrant church community committed to following in the way of openness and inclusion that we see in the life of Jesus. As you consider pledging to our annual campaign, we urge you to prayerfully consider your contribution and then fill out the form on this page to submit your pledge. This form will send a confidential email to the parish office. Thank you for contributing to the life of our community as we strive each day to make God's love known and seen for every human being.

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Stewardship Packet 2023

Click on the links below to discover how God is calling you to help St. Aidan's live, learn, and love courageously in 2023. 

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Stewardship at St. Aidan's

We recognize stewardship as love expressed through the careful and responsible management of our resources—our finances, our buildings and grounds, and the time and talents of the parish.


St. Aidan’s practice of stewardship is to involve as many people as possible in supporting the church through the annual stewardship campaign, as well as community activities such as the Oktoberfest and Christmas tree sale. Stewardship includes both financial support and volunteer efforts. A recent capital campaign to pay down debt was a chance to tally not only monetary contributions but also over 8000 volunteer hours dedicated to the work and ministry of the church.


Financial support for the mission and life of St. Aidan’s comes primarily in the form of pledges from parishioners.  Each year we ask our members to consider all they receive in their participation in this community and then to return a portion to support God’s work in and through this congregation.


Gifts to the Annual Operating Fund can be made by annual pledge or donation.  While we gratefully accept donations at any time, annual pledges allow us to align contributions with expenditures throughout the year.  Make a pledge below, or you may request a pledge card from the parish office.  Your pledge to St. Aidan’s remains strictly confidential.


The legal designation for all gifts to the church is St. Aidan’s Episcopal Church, Alexandria, Virginia.

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The St. Aidan’s Endowment Fund

St. Aidan’s Endowment Fund was established in 2019 by the Vestry at the request of the Congregation.  The fund embodies the continuing legacy of faith and gifts of its parishioners.  Assets held in this fund cannot be used for St. Aidan’s ongoing operations, but are instead designated for capital improvements,  outreach ministries, seed money for new ministries and donor-specified purposes.  State Street Global Advisors serves as the endowment fund’s investment manager.


St. Aidan’s parishioners and friends may make gifts to the church that continue to support St. Aidan’s and serve as a living memorial to donors, designated persons, or events.  Contributions to the endowment qualify for charitable or estate tax gift deductions to the extent allowed by law.  St. Aidan’s works with parishioners and friends to make gifts to the endowment fund.  To learn more, please contact the Parish Office.

Planned Giving

Planned Giving is the process of making a charitable gift as part of the donor’s financial or estate plan, either during the donor’s life or at their death.  Your planned gift to St. Aidan’s may serve to support  the church and help you make more substantial gifts as well as to address your own financial needs.  Many planned gifts use legal and tax strategies and/or financial products to provide financial benefits or tax deductions for donors.


Planned gifts may be made to St. Aidan’s Operations Fund or to the Endowment Fund.  These gifts are often made via a will or trust, or by a “pay on death” or beneficiary designation related to a bank account, life insurance policy, mutual fund, IRA or other retirement plan, or by a deed to St. Aidan’s.  St. Aidan’s works with parishioners and friends along with their tax advisors and attorneys to help them make planned gifts.  To learn more, please contact the Parish Office.

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