Supporting St. Aidan's

The mission and life of St. Aidan's are supported almost entirely by pledges from parishioners.  Each year we ask our members to consider all they receive in their participation in this community and then to return a portion of what they have received to support God's work in and through this congregation.  This is done by giving to the Annual Operating Fund. 

For most of us, this is a yearly pledge.

From time to time funds are needed to build buildings and do major renovations and repairs.  When such needs arise, we seek funding

through a Capital Campaign.  

And, like any institution that sees its life extending through many generations, we are working to develop an endowment fund supported through gifts and Planned Giving, including bequests.

Make a Pledge to the Operating Fund

Pledges are gratefully acknowledged and the amount of your pledge is known only to you and the treasurer. Pledge cards are available in the church entry.