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Pastoral Care

St. Aidan’s is a caring community.  In addition to the informal care of members for one another, we maintain a prayer list and remember special needs in worship. The Rector is always available to call on those in need, whether at home or in a hospital or nursing facility, and is happy to pray with parishioners, offer sacraments, and provide support, counsel and comfort in the name of Christ. The Rector also serves as the hub to connect trained caregivers from our active Community of Hope with members who would benefit from ongoing lay spiritual companionship. 

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The Bible is full of stories of Jesus sharing a meal with people. Breaking bread with one another is part of the tradition of hospitality at St. Aidan’s. Join us after the 10:30 a.m. service for coffee hour or after the 5:30 p.m. service every third Sunday for a potluck dinner. All are welcome to work with the hospitality ministry as coffee hour hosts or to lend a hand preparing food and a welcoming space for memorial services held at the church.

Community of Hope

The Community of Hope International program trains lay people to provide pastoral care.  The foundation of the community is St. Benedict’s belief that all are called to love God and love each other in community.  Its mission is “creating communities that  are steeped in Benedictine spirituality to serve others through compassionate listening.”  St. Aidan’s has been a member of Community of Hope International (COHI) since 2008--one of 100 such member groups across the United States and in Malawi. We regularly collaborate with other Episcopal churches in our region to provide a 14-week training program for pastoral caregivers.

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