Transition Timeline



The vestry meets with the transition ministry office.

The vestry & staff met with the Rev. Sarah Brockenbrough during the May 12th vestry meeting.


The vestry calls an interim priest.

The vestry called The Rev Dr Rosemary Beales to serve as Interim Rector and she begins her ministry with us on July 1st. An Interim Rector has specialized training to help parishes through their transition period. The Interim Rector is not eligible to become our permanent Rector.



A search committee is constituted and commissioned.

St. Aidan’s discernment committee is formed. Members are Darlene Ash, Pris Bornmann, Viju Dilley, Mary Jane Guffey, Lisa Richard (chair), Kevin Saunders, Kathy Seikel, Barbara Cotter, alternate.  The discernment committee commissioning is held November 8th.



The search committee studies the parish, with input from the congregation.



A Community Ministry Portfolio is compiled by the discernment committee with input from the congregation. This portfolio will be approved by the Vestry and the Bishop.



The Discernment Committee will receive names and selects finalist after the office of transition ministry vets the candidates.



The vestry votes on the finalist and, if affirmed, the vestry extends a call.  If the call is accepted, the vestry and the candidate negotiate a letter of agreement.  The candidate, the senior warden and the Bishop sign the letter of agreement.



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