Clergy Transition

St. Aidan's is a parish in transition. Following the retirement of our long-term rector, we have entered into a period of self-study, considering where we have been, who we are now, and what God is calling us to be for the future. In the year ahead, with the guidance of our interim rector, we will create a parish profile and enter into a search for a new rector who will share and help shape the vision we discern for our future. In this process, we follow the Diocese of Virginia process described in the link below.

Transition Update: August 18 2021

Dear St. Aidan's Family,


A note from your discernment committee to let you know that we are beginning the interview process now in our search for a new rector and expect to be interviewing through September. We are excited about this next phase of our work! We ask for your prayers for the conversations that lie ahead. May the Spirit be our guide.


Peace and blessings,

Your Discernment Committee

Transition Update: July 14 2021

Dear St. Aidan’s family,

Greetings in this relatively quiet phase of the transition process where we watch and wait as applications come in—and yes, they are coming in! 


A few weeks ago, the discernment committee celebrated the completion of the parish portfolio and significant enhancements to the website—news we shared with the parish during our June 6 presentation. Our celebration included a sendoff for Kevin Saunders, who will continue to work with us remotely from his posting on Staten Island. 


The next discernment milestone happens on July 20, when the application period ends and we begin to review candidates’ materials. Our transition minister, Sarah Brockenbrough, has shared excellent guidelines for how to do this--both the practical steps we need to take and the prayerful approach that will ground our work. She will walk closely with us as we prepare for interviews.


Until then, we abide in a space that can be hard to love—a time of waiting and wondering and not knowing. It is a time focused less on tasks and more on trust and prayer. We don’t know who we are about to meet or how those conversations will unfold. But we trust that the Spirit is at work in the hearts of those applying, in our hearts on the committee, and in the hearts of the whole St. Aidan’s community.


You have shared important questions along the way that have helped to guide us. Please keep asking them—of the committee, of Rosemary, of your vestry. Hearing what is on your minds and in your hearts continues to inform the discernment process.


Our next steps in seeking a new rector for St. Aidan’s will become more concrete next week. Still, this process is an act of faith. We are stepping into a future we cannot know, trusting that we are guided and held on our way. My prayer for St. Aidan’s is that we not brace ourselves for the final stages of this journey, but rather lean into joy, hope, peace, trust, patience, and love—for each other, for God who guides us, and for those we are about to meet.


With ongoing gratitude for your support and your commitment to St. Aidan’s.

Peace and blessings,

Your Discernment Committee

A Prayer in the time of Transition

Gracious and loving God, whose hands shape our lives and the world around us:

Open our hearts to an ongoing awareness of your presence as we seek and select a Rector for St. Aidan's Church.  Bless our Discernment Committee with clear eyes, wise minds, and open hearts in their search for a priest who will love and serve you and this congregation.  Bless and strengthen the St. Aidan’s community as this journey empowers us to grow in love and understanding for you and for one another.  Support clergy who hear your call to discernment and surround their families with your care, for even now you are preparing our future pastor.  And lead us all by your grace to a deepening understanding of our mission and ministry so that together we might grow more and more into the community Christ calls us to be.


“St. Aidan’s welcomes you, not as a dinner guest to be seated in the parlor while dinner is prepared,

but welcomed into the kitchen and put to work helping to prepare the meal as a member of the family.” 

The Rev Jeremy Means-Koss, seminarian, 2019-2020